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1970 E-Type Jaguar - Total Restoration


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Loxley, Alabama

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The first tool I used was the camera.  I took dozens of pictures from all angles.

  A photographic record is invaluable when reassembling the car years after it was dismantled.  I didn’t have the opportunity to ever see the car with all of it’s associated parts so a good imagination was necessary.  I had to rely on the books and parts manuals for much of my information.  I was the guy at every car show taking pictures of E-Types. 

The rolling tub upon arrival at my shop.

Things are looking pretty grim.  I decided that it was going to be less work replacing the tunnel than repairing the original.

There’s not much hold the front of the car to the back of the car at this stage.  The entire bottom 12 inches of this car HAS to be replaced.  People are beginning to think I’m certifiable…  The may have been right.  My torn up hands knew they were.

I began by installing new inner and outer sills and their internal structural supports.  These braces are essential to the torsional rigidity of this car.  Note the doors are still attached and this vital for proper alignment.

The rear strengthening gusset.

Looking good!  It starting to come together nicely.  This stage of the process is much more enjoyable.

Have you ever wondered how much paint it takes to paint an ENTIRE car? 

These next few shots are  “before” and “after” shots of the same areas.

The wiring was a real mess, but I eventually got it all sorted out.

These pictures are actually years apart.

This represents a lot more work than is evident from these pictures.

Some weeks later, with the car stripped bare I was able to totally asses it’s condition… and it was dismal.

The floor pans were already missing and the tunnel was in sad shape.

This rear bulkhead was full of holes after decades of contact with wet felt.

After removal of the rear bulkhead (and this is NOT easy), I saw how much water had been satnding in the car at some stage.

This picture speaks for itself

Fast forward… new floors, new toeboards, new tunnel, new paint color.  My sanity is returning.

Rear suspension and differential. Very difficult to manhandle. (notice the HRG in the background… it’s another project in the works.)