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Darby Classic Restoration

1970 E-Type Jaguar - Total Restoration


Loxley, Alabama

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Loaded up and off to the happy owner in Montana.

Specializing in classic British car restoration.

Here’s the reward for all that hard work.  What an awesome looking car the E-Type is.

It’s a real thrill to drive too, and it’s very difficult to stay legal!

E-Type bumpers are notoriously bad fitting.  I made sure that these fit properly before I sent them out for plating.  I was very happy with the plating job done by Graves, it was First Class!   www.gravesplating.com

Proper tools and the license plate that came with the car.

Period AM radio converted to AM/FM Stereo and hard to find OEM style speakers by

S&M Electro-Tech   www.turnswitch.com

The hood frame was in  horrendous condition and had to be totally rebuilt.  The tan Stay-Fast hood was specified by the owner and looks fabulous with Willow Green

Although unusual, this air cleaner box showed specific evidence that it was black from the factory.

Shod with genuine Dunlop rubber.

B.A.S. supplies great interiors. www.basjaguartrim.com

The brushed aluminium wheel fitted to the Series II is not available and to be correct I had to create the “brushed” effect myself. The replacement wood kit was supplied by Saul Chaplin at www.britishautowood.com

Air conditioning was period correct and created many difficulties that had to be overcome.  It works superbly… COOL!

The battery hold-down will not fit any parts store battery. Original style battery was supplied by SNG Barratt   www.sngbarrattusa.com